Partial Dentures or Full Dentures? Compare and Know Everything

Full Dentures Sydney

Dental implants are a nice way to get back to having good features. The question is whether partial dentures or the full dentures. Which is best suited for you?

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are appliances that are used to fill a large gap that has been formed due to removal of multiple teeth from your mouth. Partial dentures brace against the remaining jawbone and gum tissue allowing patients to bite, chew and smile with confidence once again.
Who are the ideal patients for Partial Dentures?
The best patients are those who have lost multiple teeth due to various factors and are not eligible for dental bridges. They often have some teeth left behind in their mouth. The gap which is left behind is such that there is not enough remaining tooth structure to maintain a bridge.

What are Full Dentures?

Full dentures are the complete set. It can be of upper or lower teeth. This kind of denture is recommended when a patient has lost all teeth in one line. As is true about partial dentures the objective of full dentures is also the same which is to restore a patient’s ability to bite food, chew it and smile as well.

Who are the ideal patients for Full Dentures?

Patients who have lost almost all their tooth in their mouths are advised this treatment. Due to the extent of tooth loss partial denture alone won’t suffice. Full dentures are recommended for such candidates. In full denture a full set of artificial teeth is prepared and fixed for different tasks for biting and chewing.

What about the Stability Factor?

Generally dentures both partial and full are stable and long-lasting. Expert dentists create custom crafted designs as per patient’s needs. Good dentists ensure that the grip is fully secured and is comfortable as well for patients. Just ensure that there are no slippages while eating and drinking and this can be done if you employ the services of an experienced dentist.

Implant supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are superior in more ways than one. These kinds of dentures are supported using dental implants where artificial tooth roots are surgically embedded into jawbone and gum tissue of a patient’s dental ridge.
To conclude both partial and full dentures are procedures to fix your dental issues.